Service Lab plays live Glitch Hop on stage. Originally from Israel, Service Lab has become the biggest Glitch Hop live show in Israel. After performing in the largest and hottest venues in Israel such as Barby Tel Aviv, Haoman 17, and Radio E.P.G.B, Service Lab moved to LA performing on various stages and festivals including Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Whole Earth Festival, Los Globos, San Diego's Ruby Room playing aside artists as Spoonbill, Virtual Boy, Pumpkin, and many more. During 2012 Service Lab released three EP's on Empathy Recordings, Daly City Records and Scrub Club Records which were all highly reviewed in blogs and online media. A fourth EP is out on Empathy Recordings April 2013. Service Lab music was featured on glitch radio such as, D.I Glitch Radio, Medical Bass, and independent college radio.